Works - 2008


wave1   wave2   wave3   IMG_9076  


The Things Between (2008), C-Type print


In the Dark-1   In the Dark-2   In the Dark-3   In the Dark-4  

In the Dark-5   In the Dark-6  


In the Dark (2008), C-Type print and Black Marker


Dark Forest-1   Dark Forest-2   Dark Forest-3   Dark Forest-4  

Dark Forest, Interm Show  


Dark Forest (2008), C-Type print and Black Marker


Praying a Piano(negative-2)   Praying a Piano(positive)   Praying a Piano(negative-1)  


Playing a Piano (2008), Black and White Photogram


monkey nuts1   monkey nuts6    


Monkey Nuts (2008), Monkey Nuts and Black Marker


Flat Space (2008) -2   Flat Space-1  


Flat Space (2008), C-Type print and Flour


Folded Landscape (2008)-1 copy   Folded Landscape (2008)-2 copy  


Folded Landscape (2008), C-Type print


11   IMG_3957   IMG_3822  


White Noise (2008), C-Type print


2595171588_ced55470e1_b   2595171906_130fe61253_b   2595172186_03281396ff_b  


Distorted Landscape (2008), C-Type print




A piece of piece (2008) , C-Type print, Dust, Plaster and Resin


DSC01343   DSC01370  


Melt (2008), Black and White print and Resin




Iceberg (2008), C-Type print and paint




Volcano (2008), C-Type print and paint


Magnified Glasses-1  


Magnified Glasses (2008), Magnified glasses